November 07, 2010
Belgrade, SERBIA

The 10th European Championships

The 10th European Championships was held in Belgrade, Serbia on November 7th, 2010. 215 participants in total gathered from 16 European countires and Russia. The top four winners of the Men's Open weight division qualified for the upcoming 10th World Open Karate Tournament  which will be held on November 3~6, 2011 in Tokyo.
Special thanks to Branch Chief Sensei Zarko Petkovic and his supporting staffs who did a great work making this event live in record time.

Results   Gallery
Cup of Ukraine - Open Weight Tournament Kata & Kumite
Date: December 18, 2010
Place: Donetsk, Ukraine
Contact: Branch Chief Viktor MAKSYMOV
Tel. +38 062 381 63 47, Mob. +38 050 623 22 00, Fax. +38 062 387 40 24
All Japan Open Championship
Date: November 20, 2010
Place: Tokyo Metropolitan Gymnasium, Japan

Top 8 winers qualified for the10th World Open Tournament Tokyo in November, 2011.

1st - Tariel Nikoleishvili (Russia)
2nd - Zenjuro Mori (Japan)
3rd - Kentaro Tanaka (Japan)
4th - Hideo Sawada (Japan)
5th - Shoki Arata (Japan)
6th - Daiki Kobayashi (Japan)
7th - Lechi Krubanov (Russia)
8th - Shohei Kamada (Japan)

Best spirit - Masanaga Nakamura (Japan)
Best technique - Zenjuro Mori (Japan)
Best rookie - Yuta Takahashi (Japan)
Best tameshiwari - Satoshi Araki (Japan)


IKO Norway Seminar by Kancho Shokei Matsui
Date: November 9, 2010
Place: Drammen, Norway

Kancho Matsui will travel to Norway on November 9, 2010 to conduct a technical seminar. The seminar will start from 18:30pm in the ball room of the First Hotel Ambassadeur in Drammen. All IKO Kyokushinkaikan member from Europe are welcomed to attend. 
Participation fee: adults 50 euro, junior members 30 euro.
Place: First Hotel Ambassadeur Strømsø Torg 7, 3044 Drammen, Norway
Phone: +47 31 01 21 00, Fax: +47 31 01 21 11, Email:

For more details, contact IKO Dojo Operator Marius Ommedal:


10th European Open Kyokushin Championship    
Date: November 7th, 2010    
Place: Belgrade, Serbia    
Contact: Branch Chief Zarko PETKOVIC    

IKO Kyokushinkaikan and IKO Europe will proudly present the 10th European Open Championships in Serbia on Sunday, November 7th, 2010. The top four winners in the Men's Open Division will automatically be invited to the 10th Open World Tournament in November 2011 in Tokyo. 

IKO Branch Chief, Sensei Zarko Petkovic will organize the event coincided with the Juniors, Senior and Women's Kata and Kumite in 12 different weight and age categories.  

                    Event Schedules
*06.11 18:00~19:30   IKO Officiating Seminar
           20:00~21:30  IKO Europe General Meeting
*07.11  10:00 ~         Championship Day
*08.11  9:00~10:30   Training Seminar by Kancho Matsui
           10:30~12:00   Dan Promotion Test  

Place: "Pionir" sport Hall 
Official Hotel: "Slavia" Belgrade Svetog Save 1-9


Austrian Wintercamp 2010    
Date: October 29 - November 02, 2010    
Place: Göstling, Austria    
Contact: Branch Chief Bekim NEZIRI    




Bulgarian Seminar  
Date: October 20 - 24, 2010  
Place: Primorsko, Bulgaria  




World Champion, Shihan Hitoshi Kiyama in Ukraine Camp
October 14 - 17, 2010
Contact: Branch Chief  Vladimir Zaikin


All Asian Open Championship
Date: October 16, 2010
Place: Astana, Kazakhstan




German Open 2010  
October 16, 2010  
Neu Isenburg, Germany  




Sensei Riyuji Isobe in Israel Training Camp
September 26 - 29, 2010    
Tel Aviv, Israel    

Sensei Ulisses Riyuji Isobe from Brazil is scheduled to visit Tel Aviv, Israel to teach in the Fall Training camp strating from September 26th to 29th. 
Sensei Isobe is the two-times all Brazilian team fighter in the Open World Tournament.

Application request from IKO European Branch Chiefs and Official Dojo Operators are welcomed, contact Branch Chief Ronen Kazt by e-mail:

Kancho Shokei Matsui in Czech Technical Seminar    
Kancho Shokei Matsui will visit Czech Republic to conduct a Technical seminar in Prague on September 28th.  The 9th World Open Tournament finalists in Tokyo, 2007 and Branch Chief of Czech Republic, Jan Soukup will attend the seminar as an instructor. Participation from the IKO European Branches/Official Dojos will be welcomed. 

For more information, contact BC Jan Soukup e-mail:

Kancho Matsui in Poland Official Hotel
Dojo Operator Meeting IBB Andersia Hotel
Technical Seminar Plac Andersa 3, 61-894, Poznan
DAN Examination Tel. +48 61 667 80 00
September 25-26th, 2010 Fax. +48 61 667 80 01
Poznan, POLNAD,
September 25 (Sat) 17pm - 21pm; Dojo Operator, Instructors meeting. Conference room
September 26 (Sun) 10am - 12pm; IKO Seminar with Kancho Matsui* (limited fee will apply)
September 26 (Sun) 15pm - 18 pm; Closed Training Session with Kancho Matsui & Dan Promotion Test up to 3rd Dan

Kancho Matusi met with Dojo Operators/Instructors in Poland and visited Czech Republic

IKO President Kancho Shokei Matsui traveled to Poznan, Poland to meet with Polish Dojo Operators and instructors on September 25, 2010. Dojo operators, instructors and black belts from all across Poland attended the meeting, the technical training seminars and Dan testing over two days. Kancho Matsui led the training sessions for the attendees numbering over 100 eager participants supported by Sensei Ryu Narushima, three-time All Japan Lightweight Champion. Kancho was happy to personally welcome our new IKO European Dojo Operators now officially licensed and certified by the IKO Kyokushinkaikan.

On September 28, Kancho traveled to Prague in the Czech Republic to hold technical training seminars for the Czech instructors and students. Kancho led the training sessions supported by Shihan Katsuhito Gorai and Czech Branch Chief Jan Soukup, Second Place in the 9th World Open Karate Tournament. Nearly 70 IKO members from across the Czech Republic, Germany and Latvia were in attendance.
This European trip was one of many such training seminars and events to which Kancho Matsui plans to attend around the world this year. Kancho looks forward to meeting IKO members personally in the months ahead and to welcoming all participants to the Kyokushin International Friendship events and the 10th World Open Karate Tournament in November 2011, OSU.


Bucharest, August 21, 2010

IKO Europe established

On August 21, the 1st IKO Europe General Meeting was held in Bucharest under the leading of  Kancho Matsui. Branch Chiefs from all over Europe participated on this historical event.

On August 22, the official technical seminar with Kancho Matsui took place. Black belt promotion test rounded the day.

After Bucharest Kancho visited Germany.

Special thanks to Shihan Dorel Bulearca of Romania for his genuine support as a general coordinator of this historical meeting.